Wednesday, September 14, 2005

An Herbal Autumn.

apologizes are offered for not posting sooner...We have friends and family in the badly stricken parts of the MS. Coast and New Orleans. So without expanding further, please remember all the people there in your prayers.

Thank you and may blessings come to you in abundance!

~~~Sweet Basil~~~(top)

~~~Apple Mint~~~


~~~~~Autumn Inspiration~~~~~

Depending on the section of the country you're in dictates what stage your garden is in.
Here in middle Tennessee things are still growing and producing to the max. (at least my herb gardens are)

Oregano is in full bloom as well as the garlic chives. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are both edible. Toss into your salad for visual and taste pleasure.

We seem to be in a bug free stage! If it can only last!!

My Mint beds are just awesome........This year has been a learning experience for me with mints.
I have never grown Apple Mint before and I can't believe what I have been missing. First of all,
it is so beautiful! (photo above) Has big fuzzy leaves, makes a fat bush plant and the butterflies seem to love it.

I grew my Lemon Balm in a large half barrel and for some reason it didn't produce as well as all the others in the ground. Now I would normally argue with you that regardless where you plant
LB it will grow to the max. Anyone have any ideas as to why this happened? Same soil, sun and
attention. (Although mints of any kind require very little attention.) Maybe it just wanted to be in the ground with the others. Plants do have personalities you know.

Rosemary's have tripled in size already. This is one of my favorite herbs. It is just too good in the kitchen and it adds such grace to your landscape. We planted a small shrub of "ARP" for my grandsons first day of pre-school and pretty soon it will be taller than he is.

My hubby cut the white pumpkins that were growing from the compost pile and we have them in the basement until we do the fall displays. I can't believe how big they grew from a renegade

My Parsley beds have come back to life. After harvesting all I needed and giving to anyone who stood still for more than a minute, I decided to just let it die. The larva of the beautiful black
swallowtail butterfly has ceased to be,they feed on parsley. ( you should see them) they are everywhere! And the parsley is back with a vengeance. Things just don't seem to be ready to give up.

In our location I could keep things growing most of the year if I really wanted too, but I
like the break of letting things die and come back fresh and new in the spring.

It's good for the soil, gives it a chance to replenish and that's good for the next years crop.

Can't forget about the Thyme,( English and Lemon.) If your looking for a pretty ground cover,
CreepingThyme works great. Plant it along the sidewalk or just a spot where nothing else fits.
Beautiful running along rock walls and over uneven surfaces.

Sage is 'The autumn Inspiration' what would all those yummy fall dishes be without this old and dear friend. It's the herb I remember from my mothers garden. She used it in cornbread dressing for the turkey at Thanksgiving. She made sage bread and sage gravy. The best part about this herb, it's just as good dried as fresh, actually I prefer it dried. (As I do most, except the ones for salad.)
Sage tea was a must for colds or stuffy noses!

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Wishing you a very 'Inspirational Autumn.'

Be Well,

Bea Kunz.