Sunday, May 05, 2013

Spring Promises~

Spring, it comes only to retreat, and back again...seems she never tires of teasing us. However, those of us who garden have figured out ways to compensate for that which we cannot change. ( the weather :)

Spring lettuces , onion, chive, many herbs, and depending on location...a few other goodies...can be grown in cold frames, high tunnels, greenhouses, and even in open areas with the knowing that you need some form of protection on those nights that dip below what is acceptable. I love the floating row covers, they can be used simply by spreading across/down where needed...or, they can be used on a dome like frame built to keep them from touching the plants.

Remember, if you have large beds or gardening in un-raised soil...take the time to design walking paths between your rows...a thick layer of pine straw will help absorb the shock of your footprints and avoid packing the soil. Be aware...if you use wheat straw or other grain straw you will end up with unwanted weed and grass sprouts in the new spring...I highly suggest pine can be easily removed in the fall or late winter and used in other areas of need. Yes, dead leaves do work...however, they are subject to be taken away by the wind, and they don't supply nearly the protection of impact as the straw.
Happy Gardening ~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Teacher/speaker/advocate for "Truth In Labeling."