Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Perfect Giving Back or Paying It Forward~

....the change you wish to see~

Once in a while, the perfect chance presents itself that allows us to give back in a manner that makes a difference to the whole and not just a chosen few. This is one of those times, Jim Gerritsen in Bridgewater, Main-an organic farmer and advocate for all organic farmers against the damaging actions of the chemical giant...Monsanto-needs our help.

Let me make are not wealthy people...most of us work on a very tight budget, often working against all odds to make a goal and keep our farms and businesses out of the red.

Jim has, over the last 30 years, donated hundreds of hours to the cause of the organic farmers, most recently being the lead plantiff in the OSGATA suit for relief from the wrongful  actions of Monsanto.

Please take the time to follow the link below, learn about Jim and his family, and all they do for the organic farmers.

Remember...No Farms No Food...

I grew up with the knowing that we help our neighbors when help is needed....Jim is our neighbor, just living in another state.

Those who know me, know I do not promote many causes, or ask you for donations to those causes...this is a worthy plea...I'm asking...a little or a lot, will be greatly appreciated .

Thank you for your time and your consideration of this request.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms
Advocate for "Truth In Labeling."

Monday, June 18, 2012

An Herbal Summer~

I know from my own experience we tend to get stuck using the same herb/seasoning time after time. This is the time to experiment with herbs we may not have tried before. Even if you aren't growing your own, most any farm market or fresh produce market will have a variety. ( maybe even your neighbor :)

Basil, mint, and parsley seem to be the staples for most.
Cilantro, Lemon verbena, Savory, Tarragon and Thyme...many awesome flavors can be achieved by opting to stray a bit  from the norm.

Thyme is wonderful tossed onto the grill with chicken or fish, squash or potatoes.
( soak it a few minutes in water-then lay on top of meat or vegetable )

Tarragon...a small amount added to lemon or strawberry sorbet is awesome.

Savory...a milder thyme flavor...mixed with buttered breadcrumbs and spread on baking chicken...yum !

So, reach out and go a little herb crazy this summer...

Enjoy and remember to visit the website or tour this blog for recipes to tempt~

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Little Green June Apples......the production promises to be plentiful-the tree is loaded ! These make wonderful snacks for the grandsons and for the big people too :) This is an old heirloom apple that is used a lot to graft and help preserve other heirloom varieties.

Not good to eat right from the tree...a wee bit too tart...but peeled and thinly sliced...allowed to dry naturally ( spread on a clean cotton cloth and leave in a sunny location for a couple of days)...perfection and so good for us.

Once they are dried just scoop them into a storage bag and they will last for weeks/months. ( well, depends on who and how many are munching )

( to keep them from discoloring while drying...toss a few drops of lemon juice and mix until they are all coated. This will also help to preserve them .)

Hope your summer is playing out green and healthy ~

We are busy already....little green peppers, tomatoes are blooming, as are the's happening !

If your in my area, stop by for a cool glass of tea or lemonade...


Bea Rigsby-Kunz