Friday, June 17, 2011

June-June Bugs-June Apples~

The month of June thus far has been filled with out of the norm happenings.  The herb gardens are already trying to bolt and wither...much too early. My vegetable gardens are; some things ahead and some too late, although everything is bearing and seems to be healthy.

We had a swarm of cicada's who came in late may and just beginning to die off. These are flying bugs that are akin to locust, although not damaging to crops as locust are. They do however suck the sap from trees and they make the most annoying sound...a sound that was very hard to escape, even inside the house they could still be heard.

Storms, very destructive ones, too much rain and now too high temps too soon...

Oh...but there are good things in the June gardens...beautiful 'June bugs'...these are a beetle about the size of a large dried bean, with a hard shell back and many, many shades of color, depending on how the light/sun hits them will depend on the color you see. They are not a pest either~

June apples are another 'good thing'....the tree has plenty and they are pretty and right on schedule. We will use them for drying ( snacking ) and for preserves.

Echinacea is abundantly offering up the loveliest of blooms-
Basil is fat and aromatic-
Leeks are filling in on time-
Oregano, thyme and sage more than plentiful.

The White Sage which I've been playing with for a couple of years finally blessed the garden with stable plants:) I'm happy !

Sunflowers are almost ready to bloom-zinnias are in full bloom, as are all the yearly flowering shrubs and plants.

Lots of cutting, drying, and packing on a daily basis....this is life at Sage Hill Farms.

Two lovely visits coming our long time and special friend...Anne Schrock, from Woodstock, Ga., will be here for a day on the 23rd...we are so excited.

Felicia Slattery from Oswego, IL., will be stopping over around the 4th.

We love meeting and sharing our home and gardens with our online friends, it is yet another blessing.

You...have a marvelous June and make it herbal as much as possible.

A delicious way to enjoy green tea this summer.

Pour into ice cube trays with small sprigs of lemon balm in each cube.
Freeze and then add the cubes to other teas or to plain water for a bit of jazz~yummy.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful men in our lives~You are loved and appreciated~