Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Is Coming To Sage Hill~

I have 3 grandson's-one is grown-up and has his own business Handsome, strong, and works very hard at what he of those loves is 'herbs.' :)

Two younger....13 and 10...spring break finds them here-gardening and touring all the favorite places we have come to love.

One of the all time favorite things we enjoy doing together is the 'Cooking Class.'  A sample from last year....

Our class for this visit is scheduled for Thursday-March 29th...the boys will choose their herbs and we will decide what fabulous goodies to make from them. And...we will share....

Herbs available right now are...rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, chive, lemon balm and bee balm...oh, and that wonderful black peppermint.

Stay tuned for the surprise :)

If you need recipes for using herbs-go back through some of the archives on this blog and visit the website.

It's a great time for enjoying that cuppa...spring tea....the Sage Hill House blend-Black peppermint and Lemon balm is so yummy.
It's all at the website...and, if you want something you don't see-just ask-If I can I will~

If it's spring break in your enjoy, and plant an herb garden.
Big or small, it's all good !

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

Monday, March 19, 2012

Echinacea For Spring~( purple coneflower )

Echinacea is one of few herbs native to the USA.

Native Americans used it extensively to heal wounds, treat snakebite, ease toothache, and as a general disinfectant

This practice was adopted by early settlers who used the plant to help with immune infections.

Modern research has confirmed echinacea's immune-boosting properties and it is extensively used in medical herbal practice as an antiviral.

For medicinal use...the root is dried and powdered.

Active ingredients are....inulin, polysaccharides, essential oil, resin, plant sterols, and fatty acids.
Echinacea has been proven to increase body resistance to infection.
It stimulates the production of white blood cells which fight is therefore being used as a support for HIV/AIDS.

There are no known safety issues with using this herb as long as used correctly.

Sigh:((( it has no culinary uses at all. ( do not make tea with it )

If you wish to integrate this powerful herb into your health/wellness program...please do so under the supervision or guidance of a trained professional.

Sage Hill Farms grows echinacea as a crop for use in pet products.

*If you are looking for healthy and safe pet treats/products for your paw friends...I totally recommend "Farm Dog Naturals." I know them, I trust them, I love them...
They are a dedicated company to holistic, safe, and healthy ingredients for your pets.

You can also find them on facebook :)!/farmdognaturals

Monday, March 05, 2012

Spring in Waiting~

March 20th is the official beginning of spring...1:14 AM...the Vernal Equinox will be in place.

This season brings increasing daylight, warming temperatures, and the rebirth of all things hibernating.

The word equinox is derived from the Latin words meaning “equal night.” The spring and fall equinoxes are the only dates with equal daylight and dark as the Sun crosses the celestial equator. At the equinoxes, the tilt of Earth relative to the Sun is zero, which means that Earth’s axis neither points toward nor away from the Sun. (However, the tilt of Earth relative to its plane of orbit, called the ecliptic plane, is always about 23.5 degrees.)

Spring is also the time when worms begin to emerge from the earth, ( saw hundreds today while planting a lettuce bed. ) ladybugs land on screen doors, plants/trees begin to bud. birds seem to arrive by tour bus, or magic, and flowers begin to bloom. The vernal, or spring, equinox signals the beginning of nature’s renewal in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Spring Garden~

In my location, it is gardening time, spring beds are already planted and unless we have a late-nasty freeze, all will be well, can't fret about that-I plant and pray for the best conditions to allow my gardens a good outcome.

Spring crops are...all varieties of lettuce, spring onions, shallots, sweet peas,  spinach, parsley, and chives.

On Sunday, March 18th, we will have our yearly Spring Brunch....a meal to welcome the arrival of the rebirth of Mother Earth....
The meal is made solely from the garden and local meat and egg farmers.

Tip: Remember to wash and treat your gardening tools with a disinfectant prior to using-they can pick up bacteria of different kinds during the winter.

Tip: Check your compost pile/bin-if it looks good, this is the time to add it to your gardens-just a few scoops in already filled beds will be enough to add new life to the existing soil. The earthworms are busy right good/healthy soil is a promise.

Happy spring-happy Gardening~

Eat Well-Be Well...