Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Is Coming To Sage Hill~

I have 3 grandson's-one is grown-up and has his own business Handsome, strong, and works very hard at what he of those loves is 'herbs.' :)

Two younger....13 and 10...spring break finds them here-gardening and touring all the favorite places we have come to love.

One of the all time favorite things we enjoy doing together is the 'Cooking Class.'  A sample from last year....

Our class for this visit is scheduled for Thursday-March 29th...the boys will choose their herbs and we will decide what fabulous goodies to make from them. And...we will share....

Herbs available right now are...rosemary, thyme, sage, oregano, chive, lemon balm and bee balm...oh, and that wonderful black peppermint.

Stay tuned for the surprise :)

If you need recipes for using herbs-go back through some of the archives on this blog and visit the website.

It's a great time for enjoying that cuppa...spring tea....the Sage Hill House blend-Black peppermint and Lemon balm is so yummy.
It's all at the website...and, if you want something you don't see-just ask-If I can I will~

If it's spring break in your enjoy, and plant an herb garden.
Big or small, it's all good !

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms


victoria said...

Bea... It is so wonderful you share your gifts and herbs with your grandchildren... you are so blessed... and the black peppermint I have never tried... do you sell this as tea... if you do I want to order some!

Hugs and herbs

Vanessa Shelton said...

It's beautiful how you're creating memories with the boys that they'll treasure forever. Have fun and enjoy Spring Break. :)

BeaK. said...

Thank you Nessa, they are such a delight to have around-very interested in learning and good food ! I have been blessed with children and grands....

BeaK. said...

Thank you Victoria-yes, I am very blessed.

I do sell this as a tea.

You can have just the black peppermint, ( Sage Hill House blend-Black peppermint & Lemon balm ) or, you can either with a small amount of tea leaf blended, green or white. You can get a better idea of what's available at the website.