Monday, September 20, 2010

The Goal-The Commitment-The Dedication

When we pot a plant we take all the steps to ensure that it flourishes and grows strong and healthy.

Do we not owe the same consideration to our "self."

September is " Get Healthy" month.

I challenge you to make the leap, set a goal, commit, and dedicate yourself to seeing it through.
Only you know what one thing or things that would make you healthier if you stopped, cold turkey, no more...a full and final pledge.

Do ask if you think I can help you...
And do share your goal and your progress.

Remember, every decision we make is a leap of faith, and faith will see us through to the finish line~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Have a Sanctified September~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Leaves Of Autumn~

All across the country leaves are falling, changing color, and  being admired for their beauty.

There is another side to the life of and usefulness of leaves.

Although leaves add agronomically significant amounts of nutrients, only a portion of the nutrients are available immediately after application for use by the crop. The increase in the soils total nutrient content will, however, contribute to the long term fertility of the soil as the nutrients are released over time.

Much of the nutrients in leaves are part of the organic structure of the plant tissue and require microbial decomposition to release them.  This is where composting plays a vital role in leaf usage.

When using leaves in your compost bin run them through a shredder or run the lawn mower over the pile a few times to cut the leaves into a finer mass...this promotes faster break down in the compost mix.

I hope you are enjoying Autumn as much as I~

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lovely Lavender, Provence, and You~

If you can't go to Provence...bring Provence to " you .".... simply through identifying and incorporating your favorite scents, color, taste, and texture into your space on a daily basis you can transform an average routine to one with magical and exciting under-tones.

Lavender is adored by the French, this piquant herb is awesome for self care and  home care.
Favored for it's beauty, scent, and therapeutic powers, lavender is magical indeed.

From body lotion to eye gel, lavender can easily become a must have in one's self care basket of goodies.

Lavender provides " color therapy" in ways that date back to ancient times. Lavender ranges from royal to palest purples, each associated with serenity .

Lavender essential oils in the kitchen and laundry makes a Monday feel like the last part of a Friday ~

A sprig between the pages of your favorite books will keep you returning to read again and again.

Keepsake boxes and linen closets-mudrooms and play-rooms....there is no place that lavender can't transform to a higher level of acceptance and serenity.

And by all means don't forget about the charm,  flavor, and benefits of a cup of Lavender can soothe an ill tempered child, stressed out mom, tired dad or just bring pleasure to the senses...because~

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Herbal Things To Know~

There is much the herb gardener can do this season to be assured of abundance in the gardens  in the coming year.

One important "to know" are the herbs that will self -sow ( the dropping of seed in the fall that will sprout up and make beautiful new plants the coming spring/summer. )

Borage, Clary Sage, Basil, Coriander, Dill,  Parsley, Pot Marigold,( calendula ) Purslane, ...are the most prolific of this group.

If you live in a climate with very harsh winters...then I would suggest lightly covering your herb beds, gardens, with straw or some other medium that can be easily removed when needed.

Some seed won't show until the new spring...but some will take root and start growing the same year they are dropped.

Don't be surprised if the plant and /or flower from the self-seeder isn't the same as the mother plant, they most often take on different colors and sometimes shape...does not hinder the properties.

Plants that are allowed to grow where mother nature plants them will do best...self-seeders will land in some odd places...this is the charm of the idea,

So plant where you wish to, need to, or have to...but also let some self-seeders do their natural design and you will have a signature garden to be admired.

Loving the promise of Autumn~