Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Springtime At Last!

April is here, the sun has been warm and loving, we had a visit from the rain gods last night...all is right with the world at Sage Hill Farms.

My focus this month is on new herb beds and a lovely rose garden that my hubby started last year. Roses are not my specialty, but I am doing ok. We had lovely blooms last year, so I expect double the production this summer...I will share the beauty when the time is right.

April is the month set aside to honor the , what are your plans to give back?
A few suggestions that may spur a project or two...I'm wishing???

Start a compost pile if you don't already have one.....landfills are quickly becoming overload for the health of the earth. If you need help, ask me or just google "composting"...

Plant a garden...if you don't have space, use containers, grow something for your good health.
Plant a community garden...for the good health of someone else.
Donate the abundance to a local charity/community kitchen, etc.

More than anything and maybe the first thing...if you need to, educate yourself on the need to know all there is to know about your food sources. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Our food supply is at a very critical stage....we all must get involved, make noise about things you don't like, make more noise until someone hears and reacts.

There are many great websites to guide us, below are a few I enjoy and learn from on a regular basis.

I wish for you a very Amazing Grace April!

Bea Kunz