Thursday, March 02, 2006

March in the Garden.

March is here at last and the gardens all around the country are waking from the long winter rest. In the south this the time we start getting little peeks of green here and there of lovely things to come.

In my gardens I have Rosemarys, Thymes, Oregano, Parsley, Chives and Sage, all just waiting for me to uncover them and give them my approval to welcome spring! But.......March is fickle, just when we think it has settled into nice warm days and all the cold is finally over-wham....a heavy frost. So, patience is a must if you wish to keep Jack Frost from having your beautiful plants for breakfast.

I use March to get aquainted with my gardens and my landscape again.
Walk it, get the feel of all the low and high spots. Maybe decide where you will put that special bed of something new you haven't grown before.

My hubby loves roses, so this year we are doing a rose garden, it will have a two fold, because he likes them and enjoys seeing them grow. The other will be a tribute to both our mothers, who also loved them.
A memory don't you have something or someone you could do a memory garden for?

Some herbs I will be growing this year that I haven't grown before are, garlic , and lavender. I am very anxious to get started and see how these two new members adapt to my garden.

A little note to remember about growing herbs, they do not require a lot of pampering, in fact, the less you tend them the better they will be.
Just give them good basic soil(compost)a fair amount of water(don't over water) herbs do not require as much water as vegetable plants do.

I'm also excited about my pumpkin patch this year, it will be small, but it's a start.
And the blueberry field, oh....I wish I had a 100 acres to plant !!

But that is for another time and can grow a lot in a small space, so if you don't have much space, that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful garden.....we will talk about that next time.

Happy Spring!

Bea Kunz