Friday, September 27, 2013

The Back Ten Feet: Sue's Top Ten Tips

Anyone can do this regardless where we least to some degree.

Embrace and go for it !
Bea K.

The Back Ten Feet: Sue's Top Ten Tips:  1. First...Do no harm.  NO chemicals!!!   2. Lawn or turf grass is for framing not farming           a. Get rid of most if not all     ...

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Fall, Fairs, and Football~

September, the beginning of the " changing " of the seasonal guard :) Autumn/Fall- doesn't actually begin until the 22nd...but the temps are dropping, the leaves are showing signs of color, summer gardens are falling away, and the fall festivities are happening in towns and cities around the country. ( our County Fair begins in the coming week ) and a great one it is. I really enjoy the Harness Racing most of all.
This pretty picture is by way of my friend Judy Graber from Mineral Springs Farm-organic raised/Black Angus Beef ( yes ! )
She can be easily found on FB.
                  Labor Day is the big holiday for the US and Canada. 
Grandparents Day is the 8th-
if you are blessed with grandparents, get to know who they were through the years past, what it was like when they were your age, if not for them, you and I would not be :)
Ahhh, September birthdays...we have 7 during this month. Lots of celebrating will be happening from the 4th through the 30th !
New Moon on the 5th...great time to trim the hair for maximum growth.   One full moon, on the 19th-check and balance time :)   
The days to fly your flag if you don't fly it every day...Labor Day...2nd, Patriot Day...11th, POW and MIA Recognition Day...20th.
Asters are Septembers flower, do you have them in your garden ?
Please practice being a good land steward.....don't use dangerous chemicals, instead look for and learn about the natural ways to care for your soil, it will thank you with rich and bountiful offerings. You and your family will be healthier and future generations will have a fighting chance to enjoy mother earth too.
Wishing you and yours a most wonderful Autumn season.
Bea Rigsby-Kunz/Sage Hill Farms