Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunflower Days~

From sacred religious emblem to icon of artist, the sunflower has had a rich and varied history.
An American native, this beautiful flower once covered thousands of miles of prairie, its remains have been unearthed in archaeological sites more than 5,000 years old.
The Incas favored the flower and considered  the heads, which turn throughout the day to follow the the light, a symbol of the sun god.

The sunflower was one of the first American plants to be exported to Europe, where it caught the attention of many artist...but made famous by Vincent van Gogh.

Today , besides a sought after food crop, the regal sunflower is a must in the late-summer garden.
They will bloom continually from August til frost, reds, gold, and orange heads of this cheery annual presage the vibrant autumn colors yet to come.

Sunflower oil  and the seed are valued commodities.

Sage Hill Farms uses sunflower seed in our salad blend, along with flash dried chives and a bit of Sea Salt....makes for a tasty and crunchy dish.

Look for it here:

Autumn is lurking in the wings....enjoy and grow some sunflowers~

Bea Kunz

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bea's Beatitudes/All About Herbs.: Lavender and Virgo~

Bea's Beatitudes/All About Herbs.: Lavender and Virgo~

Lavender and Virgo~

Virgo...from August 24th to September 23rd...Virgo is an earth sign, and it's ruling planet is Mercury.

Lavender and Myrtle have Mercury as their ruling planet, and the calm gentle innocence of these two essential oils makes either one a good choice for Virgo.

Virgo's positive characteristics are ....practical and helpful.
While the negatives are ...cranky, pessimistic and meticulous...this explains the ruling planet Mercury.

Whether or not we believe in the influence the stars and the planets have on our lives is a personal choice for sure...however, the history that was saved and is available leads us to know that the ancient peoples lived by , believed in, and prospered from the knowledge.

The Major Stars In The Constellation 'Virgo'

Constellation Name of Star- their meaning -and number of stars.

Virgo ...Virginis- the virgin- 9

Zaniah... corner

Zavijava... barker's corner / grape gatherer

Auva... the barker

Heze... unknown

Porrima ...(Roman goddess of childbirth)

Spica... ear of wheat

Syrma ...train of a garment

Vindemiatrix... vine-harvester (female)

To all the Virgo birthday folks.....try some lavender in your diet and bath ....see if the stars are in your favor~

Bea Kunz

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aromatherapy-a side trip with herbs

There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate herbs into our daily lives. Culinary is my speciality, but I enjoy and would like to share some other ways that can bring many great good things. 

Aromatherapy is one of those jewels.

It can be used for beauty, moods and emotions, massage and relaxation, healing and for the mind and spirit.

Today we will dwell on beauty....

I'm sure you are aware that our faces are a reflection of our inner being.

Smoking, too much alcohol, drugs, too much sugar, red meat and stress are a few of the worst enemies to our inner beauty and shows up in our outer appearance.

Essential oils have been used for cosmetic purposes for centuries, the most well known by the Egyptians, who included frankinsense and cedarwood in embalming procedures.

It is noted in scientific studies that certain essential oils, such as rose, frankinsense, neroli, and lavender, stimulate the regeneration of healthy new skin cells.

To get the most benefit from aromatherapy, it should be introduced by a Esthetician is someone trained through many hours of hands on and study to work in whole body massage and other therapy procedures.

Make it as much a part of your personal care routine as your nails and will love the results.

Astrology is a big player in our body, mind, and spirit...

Leo, the lion, runs from July 24th to August 23rd. Leo is a fire sign, and its ruling planet is the Sun.

Benzoin, myrrh, frankinsense and helichrysum have the Sun as their ruling planet.

Any of these warm, sultry, resinous essential oils makes a good choice for Leo. ( of which I am one )

For information and education on Essential oils there is no-one better than Faye Durham. You can contact Faye by visiting her Facebook page where she shares her educated knowledge of all things healing and natural.

And say hello for me...this is strictly a love promotion and not a reward program for me.
I love Faye and I love the E-oils she promotes.

Blessings for your week~

Bea Kunz...and don't forget to add herbs to your diet....great rewards there too~

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kids and Herbs~

Our children today face many health issues early in their life...due to all the same issues we, as adults are dealing with also.

Let me stress that I'm not a doctor, nor do I share this information with any intent to give medical advice to any person for any health issue. Even if we are opting for natural medicine, we all need the guidance of a health care provider. We are all different and need different attention to the same issues.

Now...that all being understood I would like to share some common sense points that can bring relief and leave your child/children in a better position without filling their bodies with drugs.

Nutritional and holistic therapies work well when used correctly.

This information is more than my personal choices, many ND's have spoken and written much on the same line of thought and experience.

School is back in session, germs are back in in the mix, they are a part of life and we can't isolate our children, so have to prepare them.

The first thing to make a priority is 'Washing The Hands'...often and with warm water and soap, for at least 20 seconds. Stress keeping the hands away from the face.

Supply your child with plenty tissue and teach them to use it and throw it away.

(Colds and Flu)

These are caused by viruses and are (Unresponsive to antibiotics )
Using herbal tea such as ginger and peppermint, Chicken broth soup with ginger, onions, and garlic will help to drain the sinuses.

Avoid simple sugars found in soda, white bread, white past, and candy, all of which suppress immunity.

Avoid or limit dairy which can cause or increase mucus.

For nasal congestion, use a humidifier and make sure your child gets at least eight hours of sleep every night. Keep pets out of the bedroom at all cost. Regardless how clean pets are they shed and put off dander that is super bad for a child's respitory system.

Supplements that fight cold and flu viruses include:

Echinacea...a review in the 'Lancet Infectious Diseases' found this herb decrease the odds of catching a cold/flu by 58%...and to shorten the duration by 1.4 days.
For a child-10 to 15 drops three times a day for a week when exposed to others with colds and/or during the flu season. You can easily find kid friendly versions that are free of alcohol.

Zinc Lozenges...Zinc acetate, gluconate, or gluconate-glycine lozenges have been shown to reduce duration of common cold. an herb long recommended for the prevention of the common cold and flu in children. It strengthens the immune system safely. 15 drops of the tincture or liquid extract twice a day during the fall and winter seasons is a must.

Eczema...Approximately 15 percent of all children have this condition ( my grandson did at one point in his baby years )eczema is characterized by red itchy patches on the skin. Most children who suffer with this is found to have undiagnosed food sensitivities, the most common of which include gluten ( in barley, wheat, rye, and other grains), citrus fruits, tomatoes, and soy and cow's milk.

A good way to test your own child is simply remove each item ( one at a time ) from the diet for two weeks. Notice if the skin starts to clear up.

Helpful supplements for this condition ( children and adults ) are, Probiotics...a healthy balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract helps reverse eczema.

Essential fatty acids...These helpful fats are also very important.

Give your child fish oil ...easy to take capsules that have no after taste are easy to find. Find one with a minimum of 500 mg of EPA and DHA combined . Whatever the dosage suggest decrease if the stool becomes too loose.

Chickweed cream...This little known cream is a wonderful alternative to steroidal and other prescription drugs for topical use.

One of the most important things we can do for our child is to have them tested by a Natural/Homeopathic doctor for allergies and food sensitivities.

Nut allergies are a major concern...severe nut allergies can make a child very ill and even cause death.

Happy, healthy childhoods are the best of our future....make it a priority~

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aloe Vera ( Liliaceae )is a succulent plant with no stem, just thick fleshy leaves containing special sacs full of gel which oozes out when the the leaves are cut or broken. It flowers rarely and grows 2 to 3 ft tall.

Aloes should grow 3 years before you attempt to collect the gel.

They are not cold hardy except in some southern climates they can survive outside if caution is taken for protection.

I grow them in pots and move into a sheltered location before the first frost.

The gel of Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory saponins and antimicrobial, vitamins C and E, soothing salycilic acid and minerals.

This plant is a must to have on hand for sun exposure, bug bites, burns, eczema,shingles, and other skin rashes that need speedy relief and healing.

It's often mixed with cucumber juice and in this form can be drunk to help immune function, digestive function, and conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and Chron's disease.

It is wonderful to break a leaf and apply the gel directly to the face and arms after being in the sun and/or water.

Aloe Vera doesn't like too much water and thrives in a location where filtered sun is available...loves the shade in the afternoon. Also likes being left in one location...not too much moving around.

Happy growing~

Monday, August 02, 2010

Herbs And Animals~

Animals, like humans, need good nutrition, holistic treatment of illness and regular grooming and cleaning of their body and living space.

Remember: Cats and dogs lick their coats , don't apply flea and tick medications that are harmful to them. Even if they don't ingest it through licking their coats it will be absorbed through their skin...just like humans.

Some good herbs to stuff their bedding and toys with are: Cedar, bay, eucalyptus, lavender and other strong smelling herbs.

Like their human companions -animals need whole foods, herbal supplements and a loving/peaceful environment to be happy and healthy.

Domestication keeps our pets from instinctively seeking the botanical diversity their bodies need. This can easily be done with the right herbal supplements.

Some of the herbs that are safe and good for our pets health:

Alfalfa-joint inflammation
Golden seal-immune functioning and infection fighting
Valerian, oat flower and Passionflower-calming
Tea Tree oil, comfrey and Rose geranium-wound healing

And...wonderful Catnip for energy and fun.

Ask your animal's doctor about this method of treatment and maintenance for your pets.

They will love you even more than they already do for the extra consideration.