Monday, August 02, 2010

Herbs And Animals~

Animals, like humans, need good nutrition, holistic treatment of illness and regular grooming and cleaning of their body and living space.

Remember: Cats and dogs lick their coats , don't apply flea and tick medications that are harmful to them. Even if they don't ingest it through licking their coats it will be absorbed through their skin...just like humans.

Some good herbs to stuff their bedding and toys with are: Cedar, bay, eucalyptus, lavender and other strong smelling herbs.

Like their human companions -animals need whole foods, herbal supplements and a loving/peaceful environment to be happy and healthy.

Domestication keeps our pets from instinctively seeking the botanical diversity their bodies need. This can easily be done with the right herbal supplements.

Some of the herbs that are safe and good for our pets health:

Alfalfa-joint inflammation
Golden seal-immune functioning and infection fighting
Valerian, oat flower and Passionflower-calming
Tea Tree oil, comfrey and Rose geranium-wound healing

And...wonderful Catnip for energy and fun.

Ask your animal's doctor about this method of treatment and maintenance for your pets.

They will love you even more than they already do for the extra consideration.

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