Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Winds Of Change Are Blowing~

The Season Is Changing-Time To Change/Tweak Our Diet~

The longest journey begins with that first short step.

The healthiest table begins with that first realization that “ I” must take the interest and the action to make it so.

Our food sources of today, and actually for the last forty years have been slowly contaminated to the degree that they are basically void of nutrition by the time they reach our dining table . The average meal travels no less than 1500 miles before it reaches a destination. This means it is harvested green, sprayed/treated to slow the process of maturation, sprayed again to keep insects away while in transit, sprayed again when it reaches its destination…to restart a process that allows the ‘color’ to finalize. Remember, the process of nutritional growth is halted at harvesting and does not begin again.

This is one of the best reasons for re-educating ourselves on how we choose what we eat.

Understood-everyone in this country cannot be a farmer or even have a garden…what everyone can do; is look at all the options, either pick from or develop one, and set a new goal, a goal to grow or purchase from a local grower, or from sources that allow you to feel safe in the foods you serve at your table.

Many across the country are turning their lawns into urban gardens. You can grow in over-sized containers, on porches and patio’s, in small hobby greenhouse’s. Gardening makes a wonderful family project while supplying healthy and tasty foods.

One very easy way to healthatize your meals is through the use of herbs.

Fresh or fresh dried…( fresh dried is Not from the local super-market )

Oils, fats, sodium ( salt ) artificial coloring, white sugar, and additives are the biggest culprits in today’s diet, within the seasoning range.

Stevia is a naturally sweet herb that can be used to replace sugar.

TIP: Anything that ends in ‘ose’ is a sugar, and many times one that has been chemically made from a natural source, once it is processed chemically it is no longer a natural product.

The links above will supply you with the information you need to understand the benefits of these products as a substitute to sugar…plus recipes and other interesting stuff.

You will always be able to find resource articles, recipes, and good to know facts on the Sage Hill Farms website also.

I’m a click away if you have questions .

Enjoy the season that is Autumn~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Garden To Dining Room-A Personal Project~

Gardening~A Personal Project

September always has been the time of reinvention, learn something new, and refurbish the old to new...for me. Shuffling the papers, sharpening the pencils, and dragging out the loads of books that hold idea after idea...this is my September.

Of course, most of my ideas and projects revolve around the gardening concept. I have discovered ( long ago actually ) that one idea/interest will always lead me to another.

For instances, I've had a bare dining room wall for years...could not zero in on what would be the perfect display, both for myself and for others to enjoy.

After an interest peaking ah-ha moment in the extremely talented man ( Ray Harm ) the perfect display is now taking shape. ' Botanical' drawings....the intricate thought and energy that had to go into the many forms of this mans work boggles the mind. One silent moment of studying a perfect specimen of the 'coneflower' in my garden led me to research that reminded me of an older interest...the Botanical here I am...a new September, a new ( old ) interest, and a new project.

September is looking an awful lot like ' A Journey.'

Make your September a learning project to share~

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September's Garden Thoughts~

September, fall, autumn...a changing of the season from hot and humid to a comfortable coolness that takes some time for the mind as well as in the body.

September brings stark and vivid color to many trees and shrubs.

If, when planning your garden beds-thinking ahead a bit will allow for careful placement of small trees and shrubs that will grace your landscape with color you can be grateful for. ( as will those who enter )

Black Gum, Sweet Gum, Sassafras, and Sumac are all perfect plants for autumn color.  The gums and sassafras are trees that will eventually be large and spreading-however, they are slow growing and you can prune them to be smaller if least for many years.
They are heat and cold tolerant, not fussy about the soil they are planted in, and will thrive in sunny or part shade locations.

Most Stone Crop plants will deliver awesome color and they are perennial-which means they may die back to a degree in the cold months, but will come back with a mighty show in the spring.

Don't forget the vegetables for adding color to your autumn landscape...pumpkins, gourds, squash, eggplant, artichoke, sunflowers, and garlic chives will brighten up the garden and the dinner table.

Pumpkins are for more than Jack-o-lanterns...more about that in October....

It's hot tea time and Sage Hill Farms has the most delicious blends and tisanes-blended and made just for the discriminating taste.

Visit the website and make your choices while they are fresh from the fields.

Happy September~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz~