Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From Garden To Dining Room-A Personal Project~

Gardening~A Personal Project

September always has been the time of reinvention, learn something new, and refurbish the old to new...for me. Shuffling the papers, sharpening the pencils, and dragging out the loads of books that hold idea after idea...this is my September.

Of course, most of my ideas and projects revolve around the gardening concept. I have discovered ( long ago actually ) that one idea/interest will always lead me to another.

For instances, I've had a bare dining room wall for years...could not zero in on what would be the perfect display, both for myself and for others to enjoy.

After an interest peaking ah-ha moment in the extremely talented man ( Ray Harm ) the perfect display is now taking shape. ' Botanical' drawings....the intricate thought and energy that had to go into the many forms of this mans work boggles the mind. One silent moment of studying a perfect specimen of the 'coneflower' in my garden led me to research that reminded me of an older interest...the Botanical drawings....so here I am...a new September, a new ( old ) interest, and a new project.

September is looking an awful lot like ' A Journey.'

Make your September a learning project to share~

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