Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Decembers Promise.

I love the month of December, I love the cold, the wind and most of all the snow, when and if we happen to get it.

The farm is all covered in a blanket of straw and mulch and all things are sleeping peacefully.

This is a great time to think about how closely we are connected to the earth.

We work all year and at a certain point we must stop, take a break, maybe even a vacation, re-group and get a new outlook on things for the new year.

Mother Earth does the same thing. If you have ever tried to force something to grow and stay green past a certain point, you've discovered that it's almost impossible.
It may survive, but it will be spindly, sickly and in most cases just droop and die.

December is no doubt the most important month for preperations....whether it be doing or thinking.

So get yourself a cup of egg-nog, hot tea, coffee, or whatever makes your insides feel good. Find a comfy spot and relax until you doze, while your dozing, dream, if your thoughts are really concentrated, you will dream. May they be beautiful and peaceful.

Have a very happy and safe holiday season.

Merry Christmas! Whatever it means to you.

Bea Kunz