Agirculture To Zen-Marketing A Must~

Welcome to the "Ideas" garden of "Beasbeatitudes" and "Sage Hill Farms."

Social networking is one of the most productive ways to promote a business.....if, we design, commit, and follow through with a plan.

Many times and with many people, finding a best starting point is the hardest hurdle to master.
But, searching for that one perfect starting place isn't always the answer you are looking for or need.

There are many best starting points, the key is to "start," and once the kick off is done, don't stop until you have a network of people, places, and options to work from on an ongoing basis. We then can be a bit more selective in how many, with whom, and for how long we are a part of any project. My advice is to never burn any bridge that you have built to any destination...something good can come from any connection...if we keep our minds open to the possibilities.

Success is so much more than making money from what we opt to spend our time doing.
The infrastructure of any business is about ongoing connections with our audience, that audience will change on a regular basis-you, me, our business must be the staying power in the middle of the change.

When we master how to change in order to fill the needs of our audience without changing the master plan...then we have become successful, stable, and a force worthy of guiding others to do the same.

Speaking of a Force....
We have a new playground on board from a very seasoned player...the epitome of  "changing without changing." Taking tried and true means and making them more powerful and more workable. Something totally different than what we already have to work with.

Meet ""Tobri" the perfect place to start or to expand...see you there~