Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lovely Lavender, Provence, and You~

If you can't go to Provence...bring Provence to " you .".... simply through identifying and incorporating your favorite scents, color, taste, and texture into your space on a daily basis you can transform an average routine to one with magical and exciting under-tones.

Lavender is adored by the French, this piquant herb is awesome for self care and  home care.
Favored for it's beauty, scent, and therapeutic powers, lavender is magical indeed.

From body lotion to eye gel, lavender can easily become a must have in one's self care basket of goodies.

Lavender provides " color therapy" in ways that date back to ancient times. Lavender ranges from royal to palest purples, each associated with serenity .

Lavender essential oils in the kitchen and laundry makes a Monday feel like the last part of a Friday ~

A sprig between the pages of your favorite books will keep you returning to read again and again.

Keepsake boxes and linen closets-mudrooms and play-rooms....there is no place that lavender can't transform to a higher level of acceptance and serenity.

And by all means don't forget about the charm,  flavor, and benefits of a cup of Lavender tea...it can soothe an ill tempered child, stressed out mom, tired dad or just bring pleasure to the senses...because~

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