Monday, March 19, 2012

Echinacea For Spring~( purple coneflower )

Echinacea is one of few herbs native to the USA.

Native Americans used it extensively to heal wounds, treat snakebite, ease toothache, and as a general disinfectant

This practice was adopted by early settlers who used the plant to help with immune infections.

Modern research has confirmed echinacea's immune-boosting properties and it is extensively used in medical herbal practice as an antiviral.

For medicinal use...the root is dried and powdered.

Active ingredients are....inulin, polysaccharides, essential oil, resin, plant sterols, and fatty acids.
Echinacea has been proven to increase body resistance to infection.
It stimulates the production of white blood cells which fight is therefore being used as a support for HIV/AIDS.

There are no known safety issues with using this herb as long as used correctly.

Sigh:((( it has no culinary uses at all. ( do not make tea with it )

If you wish to integrate this powerful herb into your health/wellness program...please do so under the supervision or guidance of a trained professional.

Sage Hill Farms grows echinacea as a crop for use in pet products.

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