Monday, June 18, 2012

An Herbal Summer~

I know from my own experience we tend to get stuck using the same herb/seasoning time after time. This is the time to experiment with herbs we may not have tried before. Even if you aren't growing your own, most any farm market or fresh produce market will have a variety. ( maybe even your neighbor :)

Basil, mint, and parsley seem to be the staples for most.
Cilantro, Lemon verbena, Savory, Tarragon and Thyme...many awesome flavors can be achieved by opting to stray a bit  from the norm.

Thyme is wonderful tossed onto the grill with chicken or fish, squash or potatoes.
( soak it a few minutes in water-then lay on top of meat or vegetable )

Tarragon...a small amount added to lemon or strawberry sorbet is awesome.

Savory...a milder thyme flavor...mixed with buttered breadcrumbs and spread on baking chicken...yum !

So, reach out and go a little herb crazy this summer...

Enjoy and remember to visit the website or tour this blog for recipes to tempt~


Reasonable Season (Me) said...

Good advice! I do get sutck in herbal ruts. :)

I've been wanting to use more tarragon. Interesting suggestion!

Looking forward to your future posts too. :)

Have a great day!

BeaK. said...

Thank you, so happy you like the herbal suggestions and thanks so much for responding...much appreciated.

Looking forward to sharing with and learning from you.


Anne said...

Thanks for the encouragement to use more culinary herbs. I'm slowly expanding our little garden and am learning to cook with more of them. So glad I found your site:)

Anne said...

Thanks for the encouragement to cook with more herbs. I've been growing thyme but not utilizing it often enough.

BeaK. said...

Hi Anne, so happy to meet you. Glad my blog is of interest and help.

Let's keep in touch~


Reasonable Season (Me) said...

Update! Tarragon chopped finely and added gently to raspberry sorbet = DIVINE! Big hit at my little dinner party this week.

Thank you! :D