Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Herbs....A Fabulous Knowing.

Summer is a time to slow down and foster a renewal of those things close to our hearts...for me, that is family, friends, and community.

One of the most precious gifts we can pass on to those we care about is good, sustainable, information about the foods we eat.

In today's world of mass transit shipments, our food can come to us from thousands of miles from our homes, which most always means it has to be processed for shipping long before it is fully ready for consumption...which leaves it tasteless, without any nutritional value and in so many cases the addition of unhealthy additives.

How can we offset what seems to be a problem with no clear cut answers.

One very attainable option is your local farmers.
Look around, do some research, find the growers closest to you and promote a relationship that will lead you to better foods for you and your family.

Another great option is "herbs"...I grow these for my family and for profit.

You can grow just what you need for meal planning even if you live in a small city dwelling, with no yard space. Herbs will grow in containers and bless you with a bountiful harvest for the season.

Salads are a perfect dish for using your bounty.....basil, oregano, dill, chives, thyme and parsley can all be tossed into any salad you desire.

The health benefits from a salad with a handful of fresh herbs is mind blowing.....

Think "green", give your family a new way to think about food, plant a garden, either in the ground or in pots!

Wishing you a Joyful June!


Bea Kunz/Sage Hill Farms


Heidi Caswell said...

Haven't tried the pineapple sage again yet, but did try cilantro, which seems to be doing well. We use only a small amount at a time, and I prefer picking mine fresh. Now to find 101 uses for those overgrown peppermints.

Thank you Bea,


Jeanie Marshall said...


I just love your idea of making connection with local growers. Where I live, I'm blessed to have four farmers' markets each week within about 4 miles of us. It is fun to return to the same booth, knowing I'm connecting with the grower.

Love your Sage Hill Herbs!

BeaK. said...

Thank you Jeanie, I love the markets too, even though we grow a lot of our own food, I still shop the farmers that are close by and grow things we don't.

Heidi, dry your peppermint and use it for teas this winter.

Some things I actually like better dried, such as oregano and thyme and stevia of course.

Cilantro is not a favorite of mine at all...I do grow it, but really don't enjoy working with it.

Happy weekend to you both!

Bea Kunz

Jessica Sellers said...

Stevia sounds awesome. Do you have a recommendation on a place to get stevia plants?

I did find one website that sells stevia seeds: http://www.seedman.com/stevia.htm

This is going to be fun!

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN said...

Hello Bea,

What you write about the things important about summer resonate with me, yes, family, gardening, the outdoors and all it's beauty.

I've enjoyed visiting your blog today, Bea, and am saving the "feed", RSS, whatever that is called :-) as a reminder to visit often.

Looking forward to receiving my latest herb order from you.

Your fellow lover of all things natural,

Claudia L. Meydrech, CN

BeaK. said...

Hi Jessica,

I just posted some growing info on Stevia...I don't suggest trying to grow it from seed...I have tried and haven't had any success.

It's a little late to start it from scratch now, so I would suggest finding some good size plants and put those directly into the ground.

I will try to root you some transplants for next spring, if you don't find any.

I will send you some links to look for them.

Have fun!