Friday, August 31, 2007

Herbs For The Basic Kitchen Garden

Herbs are very willing to share space with other plants and each other.
They really seem to grow much better when they are somewhat crowded.

This photo is my little kitchen garden just outside my kitchen door.
For normal, daily cooking you can grow everything you need in a very small space.
A 4 foot square will do and a 6 foot space will be abundant.

One or two plants of each...basil, thyme, oregano, chives and dill will serve most of your daily cooking needs well.

A rosemary bush is a must, but I don't suggest putting it in the bed with other plants, it will grow very large and totally crowd out anything close by.

It's fun to play with a small garden, try different things until you get just the right mix.

Herbs are not only wonderful in your food, they make a beautiful visual sight as well.
The blooms from garlic chives and oregano are just breathtaking. And, you will always have an abundance of butterflies around your door.

Happy Gardening!

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