Monday, October 15, 2007

Passion For Green

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Global warming seems to be in our minds, our conversations, and fast becoming a hot topic.

A vast interest has formed around growing corn and other crops that can be turned into fuel such as ethanol.

With oil prices continually on the rise, and the need to break our dependancy on foreign energy resources, these options seem to have validity.

But, research around the world questions as to whether these are answers to the issue of Global Warming. I personally haven't bought the idea as a fact. Doesn't mean I can't be wrong, just means I have looked back over history and seems to me there is plenty of evidence to suggest
a more natural cycle of "Mother Nature's " revenge.

Regardless what we believe the truth to be, on an individual basis, most think they have no control to make a difference.
But...listen up and I will give you a workable idea.

Most great changes come about through very small individual actions.

You, and I, can make a difference, with the interest and the motivation to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Think green, think healthy, think for yourself. Get as close to nature as your life-style will allow.
You may even consider changing your life style.

Have you ever stopped to think how many lawns we have in this country, how much money is spent on upkeep and how much poison is spread and worked into the soil in the effort to make those lawns pretty.

I have no problem with beautiful grounds, but this is just one way to make a difference.
Instead of growing so many shrubs and flowers for visual....think about growing edible plants and using natural means of upkeep. You still have the beauty and the added benefit of being part of the much needed change.

If half the population would do this we could solve the issues of safe food, slash the need for so much fuel, the population as a whole would be healthier. So...what are we waiting for?

I have started already, want to know more? Feel free to come calling.

I wish you all good health, and happy spirits.

Bea Kunz


Jeanie Marshall said...


What wonderful information about using the land in sustainable ways. Thank you so much for the information and for caring. I, too, have passion for green.


Heidi Caswell said...

Thanks for sharing Bea. I can't but help wonder the difference it would make if everyone grew at least a little of their own food. Healthier food, no transportation costs to the environment, etc.