Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reflections..of Food and the Holidays.

As much as we might dislike thinking so...the holiday's are very much about "food" I'm not a diet person, I usually eat healthy, the things I know my body needs to function at its best, and, always in moderation. So far that has served me well.

So how do I eat during the holidays? Very cautiously, but not in a way that is boring or that deprives me of special foods.

I'm home all day, alone, and sometimes that can lead to eating/snacking, simply because it is there. But, do I let temptation get the best of me? No, on most days I can honestly say no.

Keeping busy is a must, having a routine that requires structure, interesting hobbies or projects can fill the space where food thoughts are tempted to take up residence.

And...planning a nice , well balanced dinner can also give us something to look forward to. It can even include a favorite treat or dessert.

A very tasty and healthy snack for during the day is a simple blending of your favorite fruits. One of my favorites is banana and pomegranate.
Just put the desired fruits in a blender, refrigerate, and treat yourself to a fancy glass or cup while you work. Add a dash of ginger, or whatever spice will compliment the fruit, and "presto" you have a very tasty, healthy, and pretty snack.

Make the holidays special just for you...EatWell-BeWell!

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms


Heidi said...

Pomegranate, do you seperate all the little seeds from the membrane stuff that holds them together first?

BeaK. said...

Heidi, the little seeds are what you want to keep..they are the jewels of the fruit.

Slice it open and treat it just like an orange...squeeze it gently over a large enough container to catch all the seeds and juice, add it all to your blender and process until the seeds are all blended.

I'll post some other things about it tomorrow, with some recipes. Yummy!

I'm off to bed...

Bea K.

Heidi Caswell said...

Thanks, not quite the same, but my youngest had an imaginary smoothie stand, and I ordered raspberry pomegranate. So we threw in raspberries, the little red pomegranate jewels, a banana, plain yogurt, frozen orange pineapple concentrate and ice. Good stuff. I make try just the banana and pomegranate next time.

BeaK. said...

Heidi C.

My hubby purchased more pomegranate over the weekend, he has his own idea for a smoothie, I'll share that when he makes it.

I'm not a "smoothie" girl, so his will no doubt be better than mine.

It will certainly have a bit of raspberry...his favorite.

Have a Devine December!

Bea Kunz