Monday, January 07, 2008

January's Garden

Looks like snow, feels like snow, it was snow! Didn't last long and may or may not return. We are at the foot of the Cumberland Plateau, so the mountains and ridges usually stop or break-up the hardest of the weather actions. We can have snow one day and sunshine the next.

But, one thing we can depend on is....the gardens will only sleep so long and then they will rise up against whatever the weather offering is for the day.

Looking out across this field, imagin a sea of beautiful lavender, that is what this field will be by mid July...I'll share the view when it is in full bloom.

Everything is sleeping and just as it should be for January. ( In the garden, that is.)

The keeper, ( that would be me) is busy with pen and pad, books of all descriptions, ideas, and options.

Lots of new stuff coming to the Beatitudes this spring, so stay tuned and have great winter fun, wherever you are and whatever the weather brings to your town.

I would really love to build a big fat snowman!

Bea Kunz


greeny said...

Enjoy your wonderful days of winter. Planning my garden is one of my most treasured activities. I'm sure it's a much more involved thing for you but no less enjoyable.

Walter Paul said...

I look forward to seeing the lavender by you! :-)

BeaK. said...


I'm of the thought it doesn't matter the size of the garden or gardens, just as long as we have them.

Thanks for visiting once again.

We are getting rain and stormy today, so maybe I will have the time to play inside a bit.

Blessings for your day!

Bea Kunz

BeaK. said...

Good Morning Walter,

Very nice to hear from you.
We grew a small amount of Lavender this last year, but the demand was much greater than what we that's a good thing, and we certainly have the space to grow more.

I'll surely share the beauty in the summer.

Love the Amish farm scenes you have posted on your blog.

Happy Day!

Bea Kunz

organicsyes said...

Hi Bea,
Looking foward to the snows myself:) Isn't it fun to imagine the overlaying of lavendar when the ground is asleep with snow?

Jessica Sellers said...

Every season has its joys! I can just imagine that lavender swaying in the breeze.

By the way, I received some of your cajun mix and your holiday herbal tea as a Christmas present. The cajun mix is so fragrant and makes yummy chicken and stews. The holiday tea also has a wonderful smell and was great for when my family had colds. I think it must have been But whatever it was, it was wonderful! My compliments to the herb queen!

Dina at said...

A big fat snowman! Thanks for the laugh out loud, Bea. I love that you've been snowed upon.

BeaK. said...

Well, I'm happy thay you are having a good laugh my friend.

I actually love the snow, we are supposed to be getting some today..would you believe it is snowing at my sons home in northern Alabama...highly unusual there...the grandsons will be delighted. It's a two hour drive but I am thinking about making it just to help them build the snowman.

Great to hear from you!

Bea Kunz