Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reflecting on 9/11~A Day In History~Our History.

There are many people in our country who do not know the history behind our flag.
There are many who do not know and understand the election process.
They are not willing to give up a few hours of their time to research and learn, just what has happened-the suffering, lives lost, and the many triumphs that have taken place so we can call this "our country."

Why do so many think it is a right to enjoy and participate in all the freedoms and give nothing back.

The time has never been better to claim a cause for our own and make it a full time passion.
Many give their lives every day, can we not give a few hours and some good energy ?

Please visit this link and sigh this petition, it is a very small action on our part to help push for better accountability among power heads who think American lives are so dispensable.

I spent the early morning in my herb gardens, I feel close to God and the truth when I am there.

Have and share a Spiritual September~

Bea Kunz

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