Monday, March 23, 2009

Slugs, Bugs, and other Thugs~

I'm getting Lot's of mail already about slugs...hopefully that isn't an indication of things to come for us gardeners.

Mulching plants over the winter has its good and bad side...the good, it keeps the roots and base of the plant warm and the soil moist enough to nourish the plants without watering.
The bad ...can sometimes attract moisture loving critters like slugs.

Now is the time to clear away all the mulch material and as a rule once you do this the slugs will find another home. I'm not bothered with slugs so I can't really say what is the best way to deal with them. Many say the trick of putting out beer trays will lure them into the trap and they will drown.

My suggestion for any pesky garden bug is " toads "...they are wonderful little insect eating machines and they follow up with a natural fertilizer besides.

Everyone in my part of the country has been bombarded with Lady Bugs this winter.
In case you don't already know, Lady Bugs are one of the good bugs...they love and can consume 100's of Aphids in a very short period of time. So while they may be a bit pesky flying all around your space, they are really cute and really helpful.

Earthworms in your soil/garden is a very good thing.
Mini composters at work and they haven't a bad trait at all.

Bees and wasp are starting to look for homes...please, please, don't kill a single bee or wasp. These are the natural pollinators, without them we would not have gardens for very long.

Spring is here and so are the bugs...some good, some bad...take time to learn the difference and your garden will flourish by the hands of nature.

Bea kunz

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