Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day Celebration~the purpose

Earth Day is all about celebrating what we practice all year.

Learning about; healthy ways to live without doing harm to Mother Earth.
Growing our food, tending our land, and caring for our family in sustainable ways.

If you haven't celebrated Earth Day in the past, a very good way and place to start is in the kitchen. Design and prepare a very simple and healthy meal. Think carefully about each item you choose to integrate into the fare...is it grown locally-if not by you, is it chemical free, is it GM free ?

When we start with our food sources it is very easy to filter into other areas as we move forward...because, when we are eating healthy we feel better, look better, have more energy and more desire to do more , learn more, and share more.

We will be hosting a group of wee ones around the farm at different times tomorrow. Planting seed, inspecting seedlings, and sampling all manner of delicious and healthy foods.

Whatever you have plans for...make it "earth friendly."

Plant a seed...in the garden, in a cup, or in a mind~

Happy and Safe Earth Day~everyday.

Bea Kunz

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