Friday, October 16, 2009

Apples and Herbs~

It's the season...for those crispy delicious fresh picked apples.

From a snack out of hand to juicy pies, golden brown apple bread and a million other ways to enjoy them, let me count the ways !

One of my favorite recipes for fresh picked apples is very simple.

A fall salad of wilted greens ( just stir them around in a hot skillet until hot and wilted.

Chop your favorite fresh apple into the greens ( I like Cortland or Gala. ( not too tart )

Toss in some walnuts and raisins, a few pine nuts, a bit of Goat cheese and your favorite dressing. I like a small amount of fresh made Buttermilk dressing on mine.

Apples are delicious mixed into breakfast fare...pan fried with a small amount of real butter for pancake topping, and...sliced very thin on a grilled cheese sandwich...yummy~

Apples are full of fiber, fat, sodium and cholesterol free....what's not to like ?

Oh...they also add a sweet touch to warm curried dishes.

Check out my website for more recipes with this "sinful" fruit.

Today was "World Food Day."

I hope it was special for you.

Bea Kunz


Richard said...

Wish I could eat apples - your recipes sound so delicious

Angela - Upon Request said...

I've become a big fan of adding apples to salads. One of my favorites is to add chopped apples, apricots, cranberries and walnuts with spinach leaves and a raspberry balsamic dressing. Yum!

BeaK. said...

Richard, I can't imagin not being able to eat apples....I'll think of you everytime I bite into one or make a pie...8smile.*

Happy Halloween??