Tuesday, February 08, 2011

February's Garden~

Well, not much to report...if, one is expecting green and bloomers~

But...doesn't mean there isn't a lot to ponder and actually "do."

When is the last time you turned the compost.....
Do you have trees, shrubs, and fruit trees that accept pruning this month....
Crepe Myrtle , and some fruit trees can be pruned now. ( research your needs before pruning )
Grape vines should not be pruned after late January...

You can also lime the parts of the garden that is in need of same.
A simple soil test can give you the answer to what your soil needs for the crop you are planning.
Soil test kits can be found in any good garden center, co-op, and even big box stores like K-mart, Home Depot, etc.

This is a good time lightly fork in some compost also...if your soil isn't too wet.
Never work wet soil, it will dry rock- hard and lumpy.

Depending on where you are, herb beds can be cleared of dead and damaged residue from the winter, just don't do any cutting or pulling of roots.

Now...time to chart the course for the new spring...literally...on paper.
I can promise, when you put your ideas on paper you are 100% better equipped to begin a new project, or build on one already in progress.

If planning to build raised beds...outline the material you need, choose the location ( full sun )
consider size and what you are going to plant/grow.
If growing different herbs in one bed...always place the taller ones in the back and on the north side of the bed. This will allow sunlight to all the smaller plants and give some protection from the northern elements.

Roses will be ready to plant in a few weeks, so maybe start a rose garden, they are beautiful and makes for a very special connection to your gardens. Rose beds make lovely memorial grounds...ours are in honor of mine and my hubby's mother...both were rose lovers and growers.

I also love the practice of naming each garden spot, or at least some of them......this is especially fun when you have plants in your landscape from friends and/or other special places.

And...always make room in your landscape/gardens to provide a special resting place for pets and tiny creatures who do so much to brighten our gardens/life.

So, as you can see, February is the month for whatever is fitting in your world.
Look closely and you will find a place to begin a project that could become a "bliss" point in your life.

Waiting for spring...loving the wait....most days:)


Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms


Greatvictories said...


Great information.
My beds are ready, plants are starting to come alive, just waiting for some nice warm weather.
Still a lot of rain here.

I'll have to check out a soil kit. Never tried one before :-)

Happy Gardening ~ Debbie

BeaK. said...

Hi Debbie,

If you soil has been used and composted over a couple of years, usually the ratio of elements are pretty close to what they should be.

But, the soil kits are very inexpensive and fun to play with.

Lime is most often the needed ingredient to any garden.

I'm looking forward to the spring...winter has been long and demanding for us.

Hugs to you~