Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holiday Menus-A Perfect Time To Tweak~

Have you ever made this statement...I'll change my eating habits after the holiday's.....big boo-boo :)
The perfect time to tweak your diet is now...prior to the onslaught of rich and tempting main course foods, sugar laden desserts, and snacks on every counter.

Now, before you label me a party-pooper-rest easily that if...you begin the 'season' of food with a plan, and stick to it-you will enjoy the feasting just as much and walk into the new year with no extra pounds to haunt you until next October :)

Many make the mistake of depending on the next party or gathering to eat-when we do this we are left with options out of our control to fill our needs.
Make simple and healthy meals at home-eat before you go out...then you can pick and choose from the offerings in a manner that doesn't fill you with unwanted or needed calories and carbs.

Concentrate on the guest, join in on good conversations ( start one ) and through it all...keep a glass of water ( after one glass of your favorite sipping tonic ) in hand...water with lemon, lime, or any fruit/berry that is available is a good choice. This will keep your appetite in check, fill the need for something in your hands, and your body will thank you for the hydration.

Tip...if one does not have the willpower to do this...ask yourself...why..and work on that....if you feel the need to do so.

Happy Holiday Season


Jane Carroll said...

Bea...You are absolutely right! For me, it's all in the mindset that I have. The years that I have eaten moderately have been just as much fun as the gorging years...and I felt much better afterwards!

Thanks for reminding me of what I want to do!

BeaK. said...

Jane, you are quite welcome...I have your back my friend :)

I believe we have reached a point in our society where we must adopt the attitude of 'Eating to live' instead of 'living to eat.'

Thanks for the visit~

debsgarden said...

Hello, Bea! First, thanks so much for the kind comments you left on my own blog. It is good to hear from another Alabama grown girl! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I have been in Taiwan, staying with Taiwanese friends, and it was all about healthy eating. Almost no one is fat in Taiwan, and I think it is because of the foods they eat. Even their desserts are healthy and are only slightly sweet. ( Who knew that red beans are a dessert? ) Also everyone does a LOT of walking. Your post is an exclamation point to what I have learned in my culinary exploration of a new culture.

BeaK. said...

Wow Deb...I could be a bit envious:) What a lovely trip it must have been. I cherish what I can experience about other cultures, and especially around foods.

I had a beautiful elderly friend in 1980's ( Cajun/Creole ) grew up on a river-boat in the swamps of the back country...Louisiana-she taught me much about that culture/foods being the highlight:)

I have a recipe ( from her )red beans, pineapple, and cayenne pepper being the main ingredients...makes a semi sweet dip for French bread or bread sticks...actually is very good. I'll find it and put it on the websites recipe page. What way did you have red beans as a dessert ?

debsgarden said...

Hi Bea, the Taiwanese use a red bean paste as a filling in pastries and, believe it or not, in an ice cream dish! There is also a red bean dessert soup. I tasted them all, and they were not bad, but I confess I am more partial to chocolate!

BeaK. said...

:) I tend to agree on the dessert thought. I do love my red beans and rice...but when I'm ready for dessert...take me away~

I've just spent time on your blog...looked at every post and every photo...so, so beautiful, and informative.

I sent the blog link to my daughter-in-law, Meagan Moncus-England...lives in Pelham.

Thanks again for all your lovely work...and for sharing~