Monday, January 23, 2012

Day's Of Rain And Roses~

Doesn't quite bring the urge to dance as the old and lovely song of   "Day's Of Wine And Roses." That's for another day :)

Roses can be simple and uncomplicated or, they can be a royal pain in the gardeners upkeep log.

I have learned a few tricks ( facts ) that will lessen the risk of unwanted issues.

If you mulch around your roses during the winter months, and you get a lot of is a good idea from time to time to pull back the mulch and allow the soil to breathe and dry out a bit.

Mulch can and does invite insects and critters to set up a warm and cozy retreat during the colder time of year.

Too much wet mulch can cause mildew and keep a close watch on your rose gardens during the winter, and especially during rainy months.

This is the time to bone up on rose gardening do's and dont's...we often forget that each species may and often times do, require different types of care.

Know your roses and your success will flourish.

And yes, roses are in the herb family...nothing as good as a cup of Rose-hip Tea.

Stay tuned...I'll be doing a series of "Rose Articles" through the month of February.  We have plenty of time to study, share, and learn...**do nothing for, or to, your roses until April....**

Hope to see you right here for the "Rose Stroll"...I'll be posting Monday's and Thursday's-chime in anytime, ask questions, offer your ideas and's free and fun~

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Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms


Diane Stephenson said...

Hi Bea! I have a story about roses. I live in South-Western Ontario and we can get some brutal winters here - last year being one of the worst in many years. But this year has been a little different, and the roses in the garden in front of my friend's apartment building were still blooming in December, just a few days before Christmas! They may actually have been there on Christmas day and later, but my friend was away so I didn't get to check it out. We had a green Christmas and the temperatures were much above average. Nevertheless, we did have some night frosts and snow before Christmas, so how these flowers and buds survived, I'll never know. But it sure was a pleasure seeing them (I took pictures, too) at that time of year.

Jane Carroll said...

Roses are my all time favorites and I've always had fairly good luck with them. I don't have any traditional ones at this house but have plenty of the knock-out variety.

I look forward to your series.

Bea Kunz said...

Thanks Jane, we look forward to having you in the mix.

Many aren't comfortable with growing roses...they seem to have a reputation for being difficult:)

Hubby likes the Knock-out's too .