Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spice Up Your Roses~

Roses are herbs too...and , if you do this little extra thing, you will have less, if any, Black spot fungus. ( plant parsley and garlic around and under your roses ) I do this and it works charmingly~It's called companion planting-another topic, another time.

I enjoy growing roses and other lovely flowers, but I seldom bring them inside, maybe for a dinner party or other special event...maybe because I spend the day with them outside I don't feel the need to have them inside.

If however, you are looking forward to having cut flowers ( roses ) this spring/summer...there are some mighty pretty ones that fill that slot.

A Hybrid tea-Kardinal-( 1986 ) medium red, long stemmed with long lasting support.

The fragrance is light and the foliage is so dark it appears almost black.
Grows 4 to 6 ft tall and repeats well. Good in zones 5-10.
Another Hybrid tea-Elina-( 1984 ) Has white blooms with a creamy center.
Fragrance is light here also.
The bush is vigorous and disease resistant-grows 6-8 ft tall in moderate climates.  Zones 5-10.

These two mixed together makes one beautiful bouquet.
If you just want a massive spread, maybe room for one or two...the Royal Bonica ( this is in our garden ) serves the purpose. Has rich pink blooms with full-15 to 20 petals per bloom-clumping together to form a cluster.

The prolific blooms at the height of the spring will cover the foliage.
You should give this bush about 6 feet to spread and have room to flourish.
Grows great in zones 5-10. It's a shrub from 1994. Fragrance is slight, stronger if the weather is cool.

Have a marvelous weekend  and think 'spring,' and roses ~


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