Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Rosemary-An Herb For All Seasons~

Rosemary, a plant/herb for all seasons indeed....a strong determined perennial that will give you years of beauty and production if you are aware of it's needs.

Good drainage is a must...raised-bed growing is fabulous for this-
Home made/composted soil is perfect...a little Fish Emulsion for food every few weeks and no need for any other additives.

Keep the tips snipped to encourage spread instead of straight up growth...makes for a much stronger and prettier plant.

Less instead of more water is the best...too much water and poor drainage is the death of any plant and especially herbs. the summer ( what we have now :) toss wet sprigs on the grill for a fabulous aroma and taste on meats, vegetables, and fruits.

In the is heavenly on a bonfire or in the fireplace...roasted atop a turkey and allowed to steep on top of the stove for a good smelling home.
Great for the respiratory health too.

Winter and the holidays lend themselves to endless uses of this beautiful evergreen....from a simple but elegant table-scape to a outrageous door wreath...Rosemary is your girl !

July 4th and all is good ~we are grateful.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz

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