Saturday, November 26, 2005


Not much going on in the gardens this month. Winters arms have reached out and pulled everything close to her breast for snug and safe sleep.

We have had a light freeze already and my Rosemary and Thyme are still beautiful and green, so I believe they are going to be ok. I have them mulched really well around the base and covered lightly with hay.

This is the ugly time of year at first glance simply because we are so accustomed to seeing the gardens green and in bloom, but if you look close you will find beauty in the dead and drooping plants and flowers.
After a close examination of the California poppy's I discovered they all close up in the same manner. They look as if they have their heads bowed in prayer.

I find great beauty in the colorful pumpkins among the dead grasses,straw and hay.
The japanese maple is so bare you can see right through it......but, every morning it is full of activity with cardinals, blue-jays, house-wrens and a few buntings, oh they are so beautiful....
The colors are just breath-taking!

Sage Hill Farms has a lot of ever-green trees, so we never have a shortage of green to admire during the coldest months. Plus the awesome holly tree at the end of the porch, always covered in bright red berry's.

This is the beginning of my really down time......I can sit for awhile and read a good book, browse those seed catalogs to my hearts content, sip my own blend of organic herb tea, ahhh..all is right with my world.

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