Thursday, January 19, 2006

A True January Day!

This week we have had tons of rain, winds that will take you off the ground and some of that beautiful white gold...Snow!

Nothing more beautiful than a tree covered in snow and colorful birds nestled in the branches. We have an abundance of Cardinals, Bluejays, Finches and a few Buntings.

I try to get up close photo's, but as soon as I go outside they all take flight.

Yes, ladies I have been spending a bit of time with my seed and plant books. It's that time of year!

I am also planning to try some new types of Basil, and yes, there are so many.
Of all the ones I have grown so far, the "Genovese" is my favorite. It's just an all around easy variety to use. Very hardy and just makes a beautiful plant.

AS you can see here: This was after it had gone to seed. It just did not want to stop growing!

I am starting to get the planting itch.....and it is toooo early!
Have to find more books!

See you soon,
Bea K.


BarbaraC. Phillips, NP said...

Hi Bea,

What a beatiful blog! I love the pictures. I'll be adding you to our OWW and Health blogs!


BeaK. said...

Hi Barbara,

Thank you so much, I do appreciate you and your awesome network.

You are an inspiration!

Blessings in abundance!

Bea Kunz