Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Tune-Up~

Just as spring brings heavy raims to clean and refresh the fields and streams, we should make a practice of cleansing and refreshing our system...inside and out.

Plant a garden, in the ground or in a container.

Lettuces, all manner of veggies and greens can be grown in small spaces.

These are the things that will aid in flushing toxins from our system that have built up over the winter from heavy foods, toxins from heating fuel, and medications that many people take in an attemp to stay healthy.

Get outside, thirty minutes of early morning sun will give you a good dose of vitamin D.
Committ to a daily walk, morning is best, this is when your energy level is the highest.
Sing, meditate, and pray. These things nourish the spirit and the soul.

Do something for someone else every day.
There are always those in our community, church, neighborhood, and family who could use a helping hand.

Don't forget the critters that mother nature loans to us, that is her helping hand to us. Make sure they have safe food, water, and a place to call home for the time they are with us.

Happy Spring from Sage Hill Farms!
Bea Kunz


Susan said...

I love this post:) Thank you Bea!

Dina at said...

Here, here! (Or is it hear, hear?)

You always manage to lift my spirits with your words.

I'm about to take my doggy on our evening walk. I can tell he is as intoxicated by a cool breeze on a summer evening as I am!

These thoughts you've shared will give me something to reflect upon as we stroll.

(Okay, run. He's going to run me - but I love it!)