Thursday, August 28, 2008

Autumn Rising~

Sage Hill Farms is slowly moving into the transition period between summer and fall/autumn. It's a strange time actually, the gardens are still to pretty to turn under or otherwise destroy, and yet one knows they are letting go...dying.

In a few short weeks they will be nothing but compost food, not a bad thing, just not as fun and beautiful as the green plants, ripe fruit, and plump and healthy vegetables.

Am I sad and will I linger in this state too way, no how.

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons.
Earthy colors, the crispness of the air coming down from the ridges, thoughts of change in our choice of foods, knowing we are prepared for the longer time of's a warm and comforting thought.

I'm geared up and ready for the muted season. Exciting and charming, though not as lively as summer.

Corn-stalks drying in the field, many of the Marigolds are still in full bloom and will last until the first frost.

Leaves are beginning to turn and some are falling.

Thoughts of pumpkins and hayrides, hiking and horse-back riding, watching the sky gradually change into another season of awesome displays.

And what is your autumn looking like ?


Bea Kunz

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Vanessa Shelton said...

Ahh my dear Bea, you make autumn (my favorite time of the year) sound so beautiful! It's a time of rest and preparation for renewal.

I too, love the cooler crisper air and the beautiful colors. One can only imagine the comfort and loviliness of fall in the gardens of Sage Hill Farms.

Always your friend,