Thursday, August 14, 2008

Planning and Planting the Winter Garden~

For many of us especially in the SE growing section of the country, gardens are winding down and we are making plans for the winter garden. Depending on what the choices are, some things should already be planted.

We are simple in the winter garden at Sage Hill...greens, greens, greens.
Turnip greens, collars, mustard, Swiss chard, a few lettuces, maybe some carrots and beets.

The greens all serve as a cover crop for tilling back into the soil in early spring.
Feeds us well and the soil also.

The chart below is a sample of what you can start your compost pile with for the spring gardens.

Have fun, much success, and let me know what "you" are planting in your winter garden.


Bea Kunz
Layers of (1) Green—Nitrogen and (2) Rich Brown-Carbon as follows.

1-Green leaves Dry leaves
2-Weeds, without seeds Dried brown grass

1-Vegetable/fruit peels and scraps Bark chips/straw/hay
2-Green grass clippings Dried prunings

1-Coffee grounds including the filter Cornstalks
2-Teabags Dryer or vacuum lint

1-Crushed egg shells Hair and feathers
2-Sawdust/shredded newspaper/

A sprinkling of garden lime and water to moisten if the pile gets too dry.

Cover with a plastic tarp if you aren't using a composter, remove the tarp and allow it to breathe while you are turning the ingredients about every two weeks.

There really is no hard and fast rule about composting, just common sense and attention. ( no cooked foods such as meat, meat by-products, etc.)

Happy gardening!

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