Wednesday, February 04, 2009

To Plant or Not to Plant~

Depending on where we are February can be a challenge.

We all are getting the itch to be outside in the dirt. ( well, some of us are still in the long winters nap mode.)

But...this can be a trick month, so patience is a must.
Even the hardiest seeds will not do well if planted in cold soil, and if the soil is too wet they will simply rot.

This is really true of herbs, they all require lots of heat to grow well and flourish.

If however you are growing in a greenhouse you can sow tomatoes, cauliflower, celery, bush beans and eggplant.

Just keep planning and spending time with your seed books and planning charts, spring is not too far off.

Make soup, it's really a comfort food.

One of my favorite soups is left over veggies from the frig at the end of a week.
Carrots, peas, a few greens, cabbage, that add some onion and a few potatoes...and, a good dose of as many herbs as you have. I chose a bit of basil, some thyme, a sprinkling of cayenne pepper, and a hearty bit of oregano. Add the herbs the last 5 to 10 minutes of cooking.

Yummy~and so full of health, lots of antioxidants.


Bea Kunz

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