Sunday, May 10, 2009

Troubleshooting In The Garden~

The gardens here at Sage Hill as well as many around the country have been a bit water-logged for longer than a month now.

Unless your garden spots have very good soil and good drainage you may discover some plants and/or the leaves of some are turning yellow and falling off.

This is most always an indication of too wet soil, which in many cases means your drainage isn't right, which means your soil is most often too heavy.

Since we can't control the amount of rain that falls we have to look for other ways to deal with the issue.

If you decide your soil is too heavy and not draining well you can fix that by adding small amounts of sand or peat to the soil and gently working it in.

A good temporary fix is to purchase good row cover frames and material ( affordable )
and keep your plants covered during times you feel they don't need more rain water.

Yes, they will absorb some from the surrounding grounds but not nearly as much.

The row-covers are also great to protect plants from the hottest days of summer and from insect invasions. Wonderful to have when the Japanese Beetles are visiting.

I can live with most insects ...good or bad...but I have no good thoughts for the Japanese Beetle...just bad through and through !

Hope your Mothers Day was delightful if you are a mother.

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Happy Gardening~

Bea Kunz

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