Saturday, May 16, 2009

Weeds Be Gone~

Honestly, if I had to weed very much I just might give up gardening.

I simply don't like to weed and it's not that difficult to be weed free in the gardens.

My first suggestion is raised bed gardening, really cuts back on the amount of weeds you end up with.

But, regardless what method you are using weeds should be the least of your work day.

A few tried and true ways of beating the weed problem.

Mulch...Keep your soil covered to prevent light from reaching the weed seeds. Spread a thick layer of dried grass clippings or shredded leaves on your garden early in the spring and replenish it as the season unfolds.

Not only will the mulch keep the weeds out it will also nourish your soil as it decomposes, will hold moisture that your plants need to be strong and healthy after the season heats up.

Hand-pull...As much as I dislike this action it is a must at times, and it does have it's good points. If....your weed problem has already grown past the stage of mulch therapy then pull it must be.

Take a few minutes each day and pull, this is best done after a rain shower, makes the weeds much easier to break free of the soil. As you pull, cover the area with the mulch material and the second pulling is not needed.

When you pull and mulch for a season, the weed issue should be history for the coming season.

Please, please don't resort to chemical weed killers.
They might kill the weeds for a short time, but they also kill your soil, your beneficial insects, and some can even kill you if ingested.

Happy and safe gardening~

Bea Kunz

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