Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Green Thoughts, Green Actions, Green Results~

"Heidi Richards" at "WE" Magazine does as much to promote small businesses and "green" living as anyone on the map.

Unless you are a regular reader of WE you simply don't understand what you are missing.

I, and Sage Hill Farms are blessed to land some much appreciated coverage in this edition.

If your radar leads you in that direction enjoy the articles and hopefully take something away that will be useful to you in your business/life.

While you are there, scan through the magazine and you'll be delighted at all the interesting places, subjects, and people you will find.

Plant a green thought and watch it grow. Just look what Mother Nature has given us.

The photo is inside a 30,000 acre state park about 2 hours from our home.
We recently spent a full day of hiking and absorbing all of the awesome wonders of green.

Bea Kunz




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