Thursday, December 30, 2010

2011..A New Year, A New Choice, A New Hope~

The old year will soon be out and the new one will settle in and quickly become the accepted norm.

Many will be making resolutions that are also the accepted norm...nothing wrong with resolutions except most are never realized.

Many things are out of balance in our society right now, jobs are hard to come by, money is even harder, and families who were considered in the middle class of income a few years ago are bordering on homeless, or being forced to let all they have worked for hopes of salvaging a new start.

I find this current situation in my home country to be less than acceptable. We really should be so outraged that our only resolution is to make so much noise that those in power have no choice but to be pay attention.

We have a voice, we must stand up and use it. Each state has a government, know who represents you, they
are there to listen and act on our best interest.

Consider this...if just half of the voting population in each state would spend one hour each month- calling, sending emails, signing petitions, and writing letters...can you hear the shuffling of papers ?

There is power in numbers and in constant motion...if I have a group of  unhappy customers ringing my phone, knocking on my doors, and overloading my mailbox every day with demands ...I'm going to start looking for real solutions~

I hear so many say we don't have any power left. We have the same power we have always had...just more reasons to use it...and use it we must....2011 will see many changes, this is the year to take a stand, make it a priority, fight like your life depends on it...for my friend, it surely does.
If not now...when
If not you and I...who

Be a part of the change we  wish to see~

A mighty and productive New Year to you and yours~

Bea Kunz
Sage Hill Farms


We are glad you stopped by. said...

Wow! What an very eye opening blog.

We definitely have the same power we have always had...and use it we must! Change is what American's wanted, let's be that change.

I am joining the ban wagon to be more faithful in taking a stand, making it more of a priority, because our lives do depend on it!

We will be a part of the change we wish to see in 2011 and beyond.

God bless you richly ~ Debbie
2 Chronicles 7:12-14

BeaK. said...

Hi Debbie....wish there were many with your spirit and dedication~

I feel that we saw many changes this last year, some to our liking more than others...but, that's life. Around the things that were important to me and what I feel is best for family life...many things were challenged, a few changed for the better and many still being tossed least the tossing is out in the open .

Long journey's start with the first they not.

Be Blessed~