Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day's In Waiting~

Between Christmas Day and New Years Day is akin to being in Limbo for me...I never know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing...not being one to lounge around for very many days...I frankly am ready to get busy at something.??

So...I have tackled the project of cataloging all my herb information pertaining to the business of Sage Hill Farms. Quite the undertaking really. Once I have it all in one location it is much more than I knew was waiting for me.

Reading through some of the articles, memo's, and press coverings, it comes to life just how far this project has come. The beginnings started in 2003 with a simple idea of exploring my roots of farming, and maybe sharing that with others who had the desire to come along.

Sage Hill has been a learning project for me on many levels. The idea was to teach the concept of sustainable living through sustainable farming/gardening. While this has always been the higher priority, in the mix a business was born that has been both demanding and so rewarding.

We have meet many wonderful people, learned things we never knew existed, and are healthier, wealthier,(somewhat ) and indeed much wiser for the journey.

Herbs are little miracles that many call weeds...for example...

A new herb we will be adding to the gardens this spring is Borage.
This herb has a very high content of calcium, potassium, and mineral salts.
Research suggest that Borage works on the adrenal glands...where courage begins.
In earlier times it was floated in the stirrup-cups of Crusaders at their departure.....I suppose it was for this reason.

Borage has many culinary uses; the flowers can be sprinkled in salads, and used as a garnish or crystallized for cake decorations.

Leaf of Borage can be added to drinks, salads, yogurt, soft cheese, pickles and sandwiches.
The leaves can be cooked as spinach or mixed with same, added to ravioli stuffing is awesome.

The plant attracts bee's to the garden...which is a must for pollination.

A very cool use for Borage is to toss it into the fire place or outside fire pit. The nitrate potash content will emit sparks and a slight explosive sound like fireworks.

Borage is perfect for a salt substitute as it is rich in mineral salts.

So...if you have need of know where to look.

Have questions...we are here.
Have comments or shares....we love them.

Enjoy these limbo days....or maybe you are on a cruise and haven't a clue of my dilemma~

Bea Kunz


Heidi Caswell said...

Been learning some good things about borage, never heard about the fireplace thing. That could be fun. Thanks!

BeaK. said...

Heidi, borage is a wonderful medicinal herb as well.

Love tossing herb stems into the fire....rosemary, sage, lavender are a few that impart a most powerful aroma.

The stems are best in most cases...otherwise they burn so quickly.

I dry the rosemary stems and tie them into bundles for friends who have fireplaces and to use on the grill etc.

Happy New Year to you~