Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chives Everywhere~

Garlic Chives are among the prettiest plants in an herb garden. They bring rich tones of green and the striking difference of a shimmering white head ...compared to the lavender heads on Onion Chives which tend to blend in and become common place in the bed.

Garlic chives can be used for flavor, color, texture, and they are always a medicinal addition to any dish.

The blossom ( head ) can be tossed into salads, baked into Mac/Cheese, yellow squash, mashed potatoes and biscuits- for a special treat at breakfast. Chive biscuits served with scrambled eggs and small chicken tenders-topped with your favorite cream sauce, make a fabulous brunch for 2 or 20.  ( cream sauce is not a choice for eating often, and can substitute yogurt, water/white wine, or skim milk instead of heavy fact my favorite is the water and white wine .

Chive and potato pancakes are to get excited over...
Stir-Fried  Chicken and Pea Pods...
Salmon with Chive  Cream Sauce and Asparagus...

All these recipes will be posted on the Sage Hill Farms website  within the next few days.

TIP: Remember when growing chive, onion or garlic...cut the flower heads prior to them setting seed...otherwise you will have clumps of chive in places you may not want them.

Chive are easy to dig up and seperate the clumps to share with friends and neighbors.

Oh...and they grow beautifully in pots and the flower heads add charm to a tablescape.

Happy gardening~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz

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