Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Garden To with Lavender~

The name Lavender comes from the Latin name "lavare" which means to wash. It was used  extensively by the Romans as a dressing on their wounds during wars.  There is  references to Lavender in the Bible using the name "Spikenard." In fact, there was a reference to Mary Magdalene using Spikenard to wash Jesus' feet .

So, the first record of remedial properties back in A.D. 77, it was considered a cure all for things like menstrual problems, upset stomach, kidney disorders and jaundice.  In the middle ages, Monks and Nuns were known for using the herb to make medicine, in fact, it was found in King Tut's tomb in nineteen twenty two,  it had been sealed for all those centuries and it still smelled like Lavender when the tomb was opened.

Today Lavender is used for quite a few things, just like it was in ancient times.

One difference between ancient times and today is the use of lavender in culinary ways.

Lavender is used in cookies, sorbets, cake decorations, and makes a delicious Lemonade.
I believe the recipe for cookies and the lemonade can be found in the archives of recipes on the Sage Hill Farms website...if not, just ask and I'll find it for you on this blog.

PS: there are a lot of recipes in the previous blog postings here...just search through the different months and you'll find some yummy offerings.

Announcement....Sage Hill Farms will be offering Lavender bundles for sale this year.

Times of availability will be posted on the website

We will keep you posted and with more details as the spring/summer evolves.

Happy Gardening

Bea Rigsby-Kunz

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