Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day-For A Better World~

Earth Day was first celebrated 35 years ago. Much attention is given to this "one" day by many.
My plea is that the many, make the thought and the actions a daily practice. Be the change we wish to see all around us and all across the world. Each activity we put into motion, each action we take, impacts a much broader space than we think about.

Statistics prove that fewer and fewer children spend less and less time outdoors. This would be the one action to take  as an ongoing project that can only bring wonderful rewards. The children are the future, there are many environmental issues to be aware of and involved in that creates learning bases and fuels ideas and actions for the good of that future.

Sage Hill Farms has chosen to plant earth friendly grasses and shrubs that are native to our place of more trees....the reason friendly and native grasses/shrubs/and grass-like plants tend to be the top carbon dioxide users and oxygen producers.

Grasses require little water and they help tremendously in soil erosion and filtering pollutants from rainwater runoff.

Books, video's, games...whatever means is at your disposal...utilize them to  teach children about the benefits and the pay-off of being aware of their earth surroundings, why, it is a good thing .

Parks, playgrounds, hiking areas, and nature reserves...all offer varied ways of education that is fun, healthy, and character building...who doesn't want that for those we love...

Happy and Eventful Earth Day from the Sage Hill Farms family~

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