Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thyme In The Garden~

When I made the decision to return to my roots of farming, little did I know about the time factor and how it would change my life. Well, actually I did know, I grew up on a farm, I really did know....I had just become accustomed to doing things on my self imposed schedule inside the world I had made for myself.  That all changed, overnight, literally.

I've learned to do a lot with a little-compared to adjustments one can make in most jobs, 'farming' sets the schedule, the farmer follows .

So, I have been busy, come follow me through the gardens of spring, smell the heady Lavender, pinch the Lemon thyme, and the Heirloom roses are more beautiful than ever before.

Lavender, I think could be called the Gilded has such history, through-out history...from royalty to the trenches of war, lavender has served to please, heal, and entice.

The famous "Bonny Doon" Farms have been growing lavender and producing lavender products for decades, I have learned a lot from reading about the people and the place.

The lavender of Sage Hill Farms is just beginning to reveal itself in bloom.  It will be harvested, dried, and ready for your enjoyment by mark your calendar and treat yourself and a friend to the 'Bliss' that is Lavender~

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Farms

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