Friday, November 11, 2011

The Certainty Of Uncertainty~

Many who have followed our farm project over the years will recall this tree in other colors. Every year, we get something different. Last year it was a bright golden yellow, other years it has been orange, bright red, and a combination of all those together. This year we have the most awesome burnt red/orange ever, it just keeps getting darker as the days pass. With the sun shining through it...I just had to share.

In fact, all the fall foliage has a lot of red this year.

Today I have had a combination of feelings about Veterans Day...
Joyful and grateful that my son is home and safe.

Anxious for those who are still waiting for their loved one to return...

Sad for those whom we know will not be coming home.

This beautiful place I have the pleasure of calling home, helps to ground me during times of  uncertainty and insecurities. It also reminds me of how quickly everything can change....cherish whatever good is in your life, foster that and make it your  focus .

Fear knocked, Faith answered , no one was there~

To the season~

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