Monday, November 07, 2011

Share The Joy That Is.....

The Season~

Many people I know combine the Thanksgiving holiday and month of November with the Christmas holiday...nothing wrong with that, it is- after all, the season of giving, counting , and sharing our blessings.

However, I often feel that the 'tree', the lights, sparkle, and gifting over-shadow the reality of  'Thanksgiving.' And if not at your house...good for you, if you think maybe yes...make this month really more about Thanksgiving...real thanks-giving.

This is the holiday we,  at Sage Hill, choose to connect with the earth, the land, and the foods that spring from her bounty to grace our table.

We've moved forward in a mighty way since the first Thanksgiving feast-which was truly about being grateful, for survival, food for a meal, and friendly neighbors to help with both processes.

The saying is " you can't go back " and to a great degree this is so...but, we can remember, reenact, and adopt the basic concept of real  " thanksgiving."

For a stress free holiday...keep it simple-simple foods, simple list of activities, simple our maker and this awesome universe he created for our survival...'thank you'  from the heart covers it all.

Holiday Tip~

To free up kitchen stress and oven space...cook your turkey on the grill, it is wonderful, slow cooked and hassle free ~yummy!

Visit the Sage Hill Farms website for all your herb and spice needs...after all, if you use big box store seasonings on  fresh foods...not a good idea ~

We thank you-and Happy Holiday's~

Bea and the Sage Hill Farms family~and friends :)

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Dottie said...

Bea, I'm replying to this late, but I was just able to read it. I couldn't agree more. When I was growing up, there was Thanksgiving, with giving thanks, shaking pecan trees for nuts, visiting with family, and enjoying all kinds of delicious, memorable meals - the "right" kind of dressing that I'm still arguing with my husband about and my mother's famous cranberry salad. Christmas, then, didn't even enter into the picture. Thanksgiving was its own holiday, not one shared with Christmas, and I have vivid memories of childhood Thanksgivings; I have no memories of adult Thanksgivings. Today, with Christmas decorations and commercials on tv starting earlier every year, not to mention all the Christmas movies for a whole month, and stores stocked to the hilt in October with everything Christmas, it's almost impossible to separate the two, and that's very sad. The two holidays are not connected, and combining the two into one long holiday is missing the point of each one.